Making my EV mobile again

Things needed to make the EV mobile again:

1) Complete the positive-side high voltage wiring under the shifter.

(need to get 1″ conduit nipple)

2) Rewire the inverter interface

(first phase: just connect the activation line to FWD instead of REV – need to look up which color FWD is)

(second phase: build interface board for mk3 controller with sensor inputs for all inverter outputs and relays for all inverter inputs.)

3) Fix the power line leading to the water pump and vacuum pump

(Probably temporarily with crimps, because it will need redone as part of the second phase of the inverter interface rewiring)

4) Install HV shield on inverter

5) Reinstall inverter and reconnect cooling system and refill

(Should be no big deal)

6) Reconnect front battery pack

(maybe should order some new washers)

7) Replace access cover on motor

While in the past this has looked completely overwhelming, today I’m not feeling like it’s that much work. I already swapped the L1 and L2 input wires on the motor to deal with the whole forward-reverse thing today. While not as ideal as being on a lift, the jackstands approach I’ve taken seems to be totally viable – I was able to work under the car fairly easily. I’m hoping to have it back on the road by the end of the month. Of course it helps that my #1 job is paying me in stock again, which gives me incentive to work on my own projects instead.

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