Major changes..

Major changes @

Gateway* is in the process of being retired.

If you had a web site on Gateway, it now lives, or is in the process of being moved to,

Also, instead of the ~(user) directories, we now have i.e. A rewrite rule will make sure your old ~ links still work.

Expect your web pages to be somewhat flaky for a day or two while I figure out where everything is supposed to be.

If you used Gateway for shell access, your new shell access will be through peterbilt. Your password has not changed. Ultimately, you can probably get away with waiting for the hostname record to be updated. If you have problems with your shell access, please *call or email*.

If you used Gateway for e-mail, you should check and make sure you are using for IMAP and POP3. This will reduce (but not eliminate) the amount of mayhem that results when we switch you over to the new mail server later this month.

If you read your email using ‘pine’, you will need to start connecting to in about two weeks. Watch this space for more details.

If you used Gateway for webmail, the new webmail will ultimately be at It will probably take a few weeks for me to get around to it.

If you used Gateway as a icecast rebroadcaster, please switch to using All other details are the same.

If you are dependant on my web site being up for reassurance that I haven’t been doing anything too horrible, rest assured, it will return to normality shortly. For now, if it is 404 or the counter is nonfunctional it does not mean anything bad.

* = This is the fifth*** Gateway. I have had a machine called Gateway, in the same position on my network, running web, dns, mail, samba, nntp (at times), tomcat/java (at times), mysql, oracle (at times), nethack, and anything else I could think of, since 1996. The first Gateway was a 486/66.

It’s the end of a era. It no longer makes any kind of sense to have one ‘uber’ machine running everything. The security implications were getting nightmarish, and it was getting to be unmaintainable. Still, I will sniffle a little when I run shutdown-really** -h now for the last time..

** = because gateway was so central to everything I did, I wanted to make absolutely sure that I really did mean to shut it down. shutdown just displayed a message.

*** = Maybe. It’s hard to tell. What do you count by? Gateway was kind of this amorphous blob.. sometimes it’d get a new case, sometimes a new CPU, sometimes more RAM, sometimes a new disk.. For a long time, for sentimental reasons, I tried to reuse as many parts as possible.. at some point this got down to where the only part left from the original was a 5.25/3.5 combo drive. (anyone remember those?). 5 is a guess.

I would like to publicly thank Enyc for helping me get to this point. I think the result will be much more reliable and more secure.

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  1. skotte Says:

    re: ***

    yeah, fFunny isn’t it? sometimes a whole new computer is a whole new computer. But more often, it’s a variety of new parts. Once, ani’s processor or mobo or something died. But i was in a pinch and really really needed the HD. And the NIC was good. And the sound card was quite nice. So I got a different unit and put the vitals in and powered her up. the network never knew the difference; and the OS thought maybe I had upgraded the chipset, so needed a reboot. I was happy I still had ani, but she was more like ani 1.5 or something.

    speaking of. someday enyc is gonna fFully talk me into replacing mel.

  2. don_diego Says:

    Can I get a account?

    (I’m also hoping to do some more wshr shows sometime…)


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