Love You

Love You

I love the smell of you                                     I breathe you
The sweet spicy scent of you
I love the feel of you                                         all of you
As you touch your lips to mine

I love the warmth of you                                 I hold you
The feeling I get when I hold you
Love the summer sunshine of you              all of you
washing through my mind

I love the taste of you                                        I taste you
The salt and the spice so nice of you
I love to dive into you                                       all of you
And bury myself deep inside

I love the thought of you                                I love you
Enfolding me with all you do
I love the feel of your body                            all of you
moving in rhythm with mine

I love the sound of you                                 I hear you
The sound of your voice ring so true
I love when you moan so sweetly              all of you
Feeling pleasure divine

I love the things you say                                I want you
You are so beautiful in every way
I love the things you do                                 all of you
Like poetry without the rhyme

I love the look of you                                       I watch you
All softness and curves and eyes so blue
I love the feel of you                                         all of you
Feeling so right all the time

I love how safe I feel with you                         I trust you
How I can say anything to you
There’s nothing I have to hide from you      all of you
Hiding from you would be a crime

With all we say and all we do                        I love you
Can there be any doubt that I love you
My heart and mind lie open to you            All of you
I would share with you my last dime

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