Interesting dream..

I had a interesting dream last night – I was flying with my boss in a 8-seater overwing of some sort – we were flying over a bridge, although not a suspension bridge, and waves were crashing over the road surface of it – we were flying barely 500 feet up, and I kept feeling as if a wave was going to grab us at any time. Then one did, crashed over us and we were being pulled to the side and into a spin, and then my boss was trying to pull us out of the spin and was pulling like a 4G turn, and I kept yelling about how a overwing wasn’t going to handle a 4G turn and then the tail broke off (not the whole tail. I think the rudder was still there – but the li’l bits that stick out with the elevators were gone. I don’t think this is a very realistic failure mode for a overwing pulling too many Gs but it was a dream, what do you want?)

The next sequence was a remarkably realistic crash landing near a airport in which the plane ended underwater but still intact, my boss finding the black box (yah, I know, a 8 seater with a black box..) and the emergancy radio and then a skip to me in a airport trying to find a commercial flight somewhere and all was bedlam and no flights were going anywhere and I ended up on a bus to somewhere in europe.

And things kept getting weirder from there although not, thankfully, scarier.

The thing is, I am wondering if this dream means I have a subconcious fear of flying – I don’t think I’m afraid of flying – I’ve been thinking of buying a little two-seater ultralight if I ever get out of debt.. (fully enclosed and with instrumentation, but a top speed of about 120 and a operational ceiling of < 8k feet - apparently the license test for them isn't much harder than a driver's license test and they're easier to land than a hang glider). Now I'm wondering if I secretly fear flying - or else fear it in small aircraft - and just don't know about it. I've been up several times with my boss in a little Cessna trainer, and it seemed quite fun at the time. Ah, the inner workings of the subconcious mind, always interesting to get a glimpse at.

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  1. randomdreams Says:

    If you’re looking at getting a one-person that weighs less than 254 pounds, you need no licensing test whatsoever. You buy and fly. (Of course, it’s a really good idea to get some training first.) If you’re getting a two-seater, to the best of my knowledge that’s classified in the new Sport Pilot category, which means you need significant training and a significant test — not as heavy-duty as the private pilot certificate, but very significantly more than a car driver license. Sport Pilot has a lot of details. The executive version is: minimum 20 hours of training, flight limitations day only, 3 miles visibility, no flight in controlled (class A,B,C,D) airspace.

  2. bakeme Says:

    i’ve read about this new ultralight thing. apparently some people are worried that airports and landing fields are gonna start getting flooded.

    but fuck that, i want my own plane. 🙂

  3. esen_light Says:

    That would be the night of February 3rd as it changed to February 4th.

    I don’t know why I’m bothering to tell you, except that it was strangely comforting to sit around with you for a while.

    I don’t know why I thought I was taking care of you at the time, but I apparently was. You seemed somewhat mystified by my presence but as easy-going and accomidating of my desire to nurture you as ever. I woke up wanting to cry because it was so nice to see you for a little while. Ah well, of such strange stuff are dreams made. Keep well. Take care of yourself.

  4. goamaki Says:

    perhaps it’s not as literal as that. Perhaps flying simply represents being free of something, and what it might feel like to be free of something and to move onto the next phase (ie. the bus).
    If it were my dream, I might think that…

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