If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.. ;-)

So, I’m doing something probably ill advised and diverging from Lee’s design on Scotty in favor of one that I can impliment quicker and dirtier. Assuming that I understand the concept at all – but I’m pretty sure I do, it’s a pretty simple concept.

Anyway, the offshoot is that I’ll probably be setting fire to some silicon soon, a concept which makes me oddly cheery.

Tory dropped by again last night. I’ll post a link to our handiwork as soon as I figure out why the Viao has decided it doesn’t have a network card. (this isn’t new – things have been burning out on that laptop for the last few years – it’s well past what anyone would call a normal operating lifespan for a laptop, and it’s been run very hard as well, so I can’t really complain that much).

Anyway, so he also wants to do some live performance stuff soon, so we’re going to try and meet once a week, and sooner rather than later try and get a booking somewhere. Look for us coming to a club near you.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get Esen to do a open mic with me on Sunday – oh, shoot, I just realized I’ve double-booked myself for Sunday. Hm. Will have to talk to Tory about that. Anyway, if she goes for it, it will be my first public performance since high school. I’m not particularly nervious about it though, i mean, so what, I go, it sucks, who goes to the liquid lounge on sundays anyway? 😉

But I am determined to do a open mic somewhere soon..

TO LJ friends, sorry I’m behind on my LJ reading, I’ve been busy working. Will try and catch up today or tomorrow.

Anyway, nothing all that exciting or new. P. called, may be going to a movie, she sounded progressively more annoyed though. ;-(


2 Responses to “If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.. ;-)”

  1. dspisak Says:

    You say Liquid Lounge? Uhm, like the one here in Huntington Beach not far from where I live? Or is this a placed called Liquid Lounge up in WA somewhere?

    BTW, one of these days it would be cool if you could fixup that TCPdump mod tracking code. Granted the Adaptec contract is fallen through since the idiots released the hardware but I’m keen to see this bizzaro variant of TCPdump survive. Perhaps we could get it up on sourceforge or something?

    BTW, Spring sucks ass when your allergic to everything green and when you go outside your car is coated in a fine yellow mist of pollen. Being sick sucks. But I am combating it with natural medicine, ala installing Gentoo Linux on my mini P3 system here. So far its working out well.

  2. jcurious Says:

    tcpdump mod? whats the story behind this? what does the mod do?

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