I have some complaints about the iPhone

1) Nothing’s (easily) removable. Where’s my SD card slot? Where’s my easily removable battery so I can have several batteries for long trips away from power?

2) The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm but it’s not a standard jack and requires a adapter. If you’re going to give it the same form factor as a regular headphone jack, why not also actually make it work as one?

3) The battery life – at least on the one I’m workoing on – leaves a lot to be desired. Part of this might be that I’m a long way from the cloest at&t cell tower, and it’s using a lot of power just checking in.

That said, the touch interface is absolutely brilliant and the LCD is gorgeous. It’s a neat product.. but it’s not perfect.

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    1) Quote from the iPhone lead designer: “Go fuck yourself” Easily removeable battery? That’s one big reason right off the bat before I knew much about the phone, why I didn’t even consider it.

    On the same note; most iPhone users probably wouldn’t ever be away from power. Living the iLife unplugged would be like death but worse!

    2) See the first part of #1, it’s not about making a good product, it’s about making money, hence the term product. Are you new?

    3) Don’t make excuses for the fucking thing, it’s a piece of crap in any practical terms. But then my phone has liberated me from my PC except for the more bullshitery parts of daily work like doing copy paste of stuff into emails and shell windows…. I think it’s fantastic, other people expect it to work like their iPaq and razr combined but totally overlook the fact that it IS different and don’t even notice where the similarities merge… Ya can’t make everyone happy!

    Yes, the interface is way hip. But it needs to be applied in more places, faster. Which I think will be coming soon so I can wait.

    Until they make an iPhone that combines the interface technology with an LCARS interface then fuck it I don’t care if it wouldn’t be useful to me – I’ll take it. Because LCARS rawks TEH BALLZZ.

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    Until I get a qwerty keyboard, or 100% accurate voice recognition, I will never, ever text. (Okay, I did ONCE, on somebody else’s phone.)

  3. Cygnostik Says:

    Yes… Though it would really be nice if you could get the qwerty keyboard that includes | and CTRL+C without a big hassle. :-/

  4. curious Says:

    Actually the terminal app for the iphone has a circle menu that appears when you click on the terminal screen, if you move your finger towards the ^C it will “ctrl c”
    Obviously if you do not have a jailbroken phone with a terminal app on it, then this means nothing to you 😉

    1. Like Cygnostik said, the phone is not designed to be far away from a charging source for a long time… if you really need a battery there are extendo batteries and crap that you can plug into the phone’s ipod port… Lack of removable memory seems like more of a shortcoming then it is… having a large amount of space and ease of data transfer… it nearly negates the need for a removable card, esp. if you have jailbroken your phone and put ssh/rsync/or whatever to transfer files via protocol of choice over wifi (or EDGE if your away from a hot spot)

    2. yea, broken and stupid design… ipod touch doesn’t have this problem, why should the iphone?

    3. batterylife hasn’t been a problem for me, unless I make it do crazy processes for hours at a time 😉

  5. curious Says:

    How about that… the VERY next entry in my RSS feeds is a battery pack for the iphone!


    It’s a sign from the FSM!


  6. ClintJCL Says:

    I also want Ctrl-Break. Call me old-fashioned, but it still gets me out of situations almost daily that Ctrl-C doesn’t.

    And the issue with batteries is — You need to be able to take the battery out of a cellphone if you want privacy. Given that even CNN has reported on the US Govt turning people’s cellphone microphones on and listening in on them while not making a call, and given that iPhone is bound to AT&T, the company that used a speculum to stretch its rectum open as far as possible for uncle sam, and complied most closely with the illegal wiretapping of american citizens, there’s an onus to be able to turn the damn thing off.

  7. Cygnostik Says:

    Oh yes, there are the battery extenders and whatnot… *shrug*

    There is also the edge thing, yuck. It really is nice to have 3g, especially when tethered to a PC. Mmm…. Bandwidth, such a great naughty pleasure.

    Keeping the phone busy is a funny cause of battery depletion that people don’t seem to consider. People all around are getting these phancy phones and they’re say, checking 4 busy email accounts every 5 minutes watching youtube vids and never even bothering to close the browser, leaving tons of apps running and never bothering to turn down the dim-time and/or screen time-out to fit their needs. You’ve got CPU, audio, video, memory use, external memory chip use, data transfer, lights all this stuff… They don’t think about using the stuff on the bus or in bad reception areas and the extra power drain involved in any of that…

    It’s not like you can’t use the things but if they’re just sitting in your pocket or laying in the car (cooking the battery in the in no less) it’s a good idea not to leave crap running, not to abuse the multi-tasking ability too much, don’t over-do it by being silly and tweak things a little bit to conserve power!

    Fortunately the people I know who abuse their batteries and whine about it aren’t geeky enough to think about any of that stuff, so it’s not like they’re idiots, they’re just stoopid. 😛

    Also a really good point is taking the battery out for privacy. I may not have anything to hide (except for my soft lovable side) but I do like to have my options open just in case. I doubt the creators ever even thought of that in the design process though. Then again I don’t know what they would have been thinking unless it was all just $$$.

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