I heard the news today, Oh boy..

Woke up.. seriously time-shifted from working a 24 hour day day before yesterday – yesterday.. (as in, punched in at noon, punched out at one). There are still bugs. Well, there always are.

Had really awful dreams last night.. P. moved to some little town in them, and I was saying goodbye and leaving all the blankets with her and it was just really sad..

Bruce came by last night and we talked about design work on the UCM-II, and the possibility of him laying out Scotty. Of course, that involves either me doing a design session on scotty on my own, or getting Lee to move on it – and I gather he’s busy with other things. But I need these modules _today_..

And I still have a bunch of parking meter crap to do, not to mention that database to fix for circle-R (I’ve been working on it.. there’s something wrong with BuildRelevantTags)

Say something relevant, sheer, speaking of relevant tags.

Mike is coming over today. My Stranger ad brought many musicians interested in jamming, but not a single one of them is into electronica. Oh, I take that back, there’s one girl who is. But I gather there aren’t all that many people out there in the wilds into the idea of a electronica jam band..

all in all, life is depressing. Need to clean up house. Need to continue working on parking meters, but am already approaching my cap of $4000 for the mtrax application, and still much to do. Once again, I make bad time estimates and have to eat it. And the new boss is apparently a stickler for getting timing right. Well, I told him 6 weeks for mtrax and etm – I’m _ONE GUY_. I don’t have anyone to handle the administrivia so I can concentrate on coding, I don’t have a test person (H. claims he is but he never tests anything and when he does I get back emails which show he has no clue how the product works – I need a test person who actually makes a effort to understand the software.. but I digress)

The new shell app crashes whenever it’s run in release mode. Which is kind of frustrating because by definition when it’s in release mode ther eis no debugger.

I heard the news today oh boy.. about a lucky man who’d made the grade..

Echoes of dancerboy.

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    If you want I can advertise around the ischool & comp sci for a software tester — I’m sure there’s someone around who wants to pick up a few hours. Probably 10$ an hour would do it.

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