Holy schmoo..

You think you know something about a technology, then you start RTFMing, and you discover that it goes several HUNDRED layers deeper than you thought.

Such is my recent experience with XSLT/XML/XPath.

I’ve been doing a *LOT* of things the hard way in webland.

Why didn’t anyone *tell* me about these things?

Can’t learn everything as fast as they create it.. it’s *insane*.. ‘far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found..’

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Another good technology to keep your eyes on is RDF and the symantic web work out of the W3C. Even though you can create slick applications on the web, there is a roadmap to take us from the existing web where the markup is for display to a web where the data can be read and understood by programs, letting them act as agents on our behalf.

    Putting all your web content into a slick application would imply that the data is ‘lock-up’ into your own personal view of it, whereas having a regular RDF-markedup website and a slick app would ensure that agents and search engines could still interoperate with the site.


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