So, I was pondering operating systems recently..

Of the machines currently connected to the net at our house (note that many of these are turned off – recently, in order to save power, I decided to start using wake-on-LAN and managed powerstrips..) here is a breakdown by operating system

1) Ubuntu: the.edge, peterbilt, qm

2) WinXP: vm, ivy, jam, media

3) Win2003: p2p

4) Win2K: gamer

5) AIX: aixer

6) BSD: beastie

7) RaQ linux: ns2

8) OSX: music

9) RedHat: gateway

Unix-based: 8

Windows: 6

Also, we have two ‘guest’ computers: bsd

kanvas-staging: ubuntu

And, two in the process of being built:

Ubuntu: underdog, halcyon

Other computers that aren’t currently unpacked but could be:

*) Sparc 5

*) DEC Multia (2x)

*) AlphaStation LX433

*) Amiga2000 (x2), 4000 (x1) – I actually even found ethernet cards for them!

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