Good and bad today..

Went to sleep at 5 am after admitting that I couldn’t beat the computer as GLA. Dreamed that 5arah had gotten a copy of C&C generals to play me. Very strange, since I’ve never met her. Woke up to phone. evparts is moving their server back home. No complaints here – they’ve been bumping the hell outta my bandwidth cap, and I’m paying isomedia more than they’re paying me in bandwidth overages every month.

Okay, so lost sleep over that. Came home, went to sleep, and dreamed that I was installing a car stereo while driving a car.. had volume remote on steering wheel even though none of the cars I’ve ever had had.. and was trying to get to work.. then realized I was driving and paniced.. then stopped in a police station to finish the work, went inside and they had this thing where you confessed to a crime and they sentanced you on the spot.. and a giant rabbit bit my nose, and then I couldn’t see but some other animal was sinking its fangs into my face..

So, yeah. On the other hand, called Ron up, we’re gonna be hooking up some more trance jam goodness in the basement monday night. I must must must prepare a happy bizarre sample bank, which means wading through the [THUNK!] instruction manual for my new snazzy (well, used ebay but whatever) hardware sampler.

Ron likes his early christmas present though. Scott also likes his.. hopefully P. will like hers. G. got all bent out of shape when I offered to buy her a (used) Roomba because it was too expensive. My sister and dad are still mysteries.. my mom has suggested giving my dad a trip down there to go canoeing, but I did that last year..

I don’t know what’s up with me and christmas this year.. I just feel like I want to find everyone the perfect gift for some reason… like a compulsion. Something to remember me by after I’ve died of skin cancer.. 😉

[seriously, I may have to reconsider my stand on health insurance here, one of my mole-thingies shows _every single one_ of the list of danger signs for skin cancer. Great. I gave up smoking so I could die of skin cancer?? To quote Lou Reed, No good. No good at all.]

I want to listen to some Jesus Jones – not ‘Right Here Right Now’, which doesn’t describe how I feel about this moment in time politically very well in any case, but more like ‘Welcome back victoria’, which kind of does. Or maybe ‘international bright young thing’.

And I keep meaning to do a real, kickass techno version of strongbad’s techno song. But I can’t find my extra ADAT cables. I bought two extra, and I stuck them in a box in the living room, and then I moved it to the basement, and now I can’t find it. Waah. Waah.

L., if you’ve read this far, want to make some money helping to clean the studio? Can you over-under coil? 😉 [sha, right, like I ever over-under. Like I ever coil, for that matter…]

International bright young thing..

I miss And I don’t believe they’re ever coming back.. I think the music industry got to them, threatened them with nuclear meltdown if they didn’t stop providing all those lyrics in such a conveniant and non-advertising-infiltrated way. And now they’re collecting donations because hey, why not?

[let me put it to you this way: Does it really take two months to upgrade a server? No, it does not.. They’re coming back like napster came back.. owned by the man. I emailed napster like three times asking how I, as a amatuar recording artist, could share my works on their servers. No reply, no response. So I’m not paying one cent to them.. sticking with good ol’ WinMX.]

I’m offering one cookie to anyone who actually read all this.


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  1. goamaki Says:

    your dream = you gotta lot of shit going on. hehe. 🙂

  2. anonymous Says:

    You owe me one.


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