Hillary, Obama..

Well, aparently my ‘avoid-the-news’ stance caused me to vote for the wrong candidate.. Hillary is pro-war.  Wish I could change my vote.. if we had my dream voting system, I could go slide my voter ID card into any ATM, click through a few menus, and change my stance.. after all, the actual tally hasn’t been accumulated yet. But no, we’re still stuck in the governential dark ages.

I did offset my mistake some by donating to Obama. Probably too little too late.. but it has led me to be in the amusing position of being on both Obama and Hillary’s mailing lists.. and they both say they’re winning. One could be a bit cynical and wonder if they’re drawing this out as long as possible in order to suck as many dollars out of the party faithful’s pockets as possible.

In other news, Victor thinks the problem with my car is related to the encoder cable that carries information about the shaft position from the motor to the drive. Apparently he’s seen this behavior before, which is encouraging. Now I just have to get the car back into the garage (which should be easier since it is actually possible to drive it), back up on jackstands, remove the encoder cable, test it with a ohmmeter while flexing it to see if any pin fails continuity tests… if they all pass, then I have to test the connector on the motor and the connector on the inverter..

It sounds overwhelming, but I’m going to try and get the car back into the garage on Thursday. Anyone want to come help search for problems this weekend?

In other news, I continue to enjoy bowling, often sneaking in four sessions a week. I joined a league, and one of my leaguemates gave me a ball, which I’ve had drilled and am really enjoying. Unfortunately, I tend not to notice when I’m overexerting during a session (I usually bowl continuously for one hour.. pinsetters have been known to trip their breakers when I’m bowling on them because I run them on such a hard duty cycle.. ) and so at the moment my arm is sore. I have noticed that I’m getting into noticably better shape, though.  I’m still overweight, but I’m less so, and lifting heavy objects has gotten easier. It’s so odd to have a sport.. (heh, if bowling counts as a sport) that’s fun rather than a source of unhappiness. And the other day, I bowled a 192! (My goal is to break 200. Since I started in December with a 52, and my current top score is 192, I think it’s achievable. On the other hand, it seems to get much harder as I approach 200 – I can’t even imagine doing 230.

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    And if Obama is elected, he will doubtlessly do things that make you regret voting for him too. (He had a big rhetoric about stepping up the drug war in New Orleans — putting even MORE people in prison, when our country is already the world leader in doing that by a FAR MARGIN — despite having done cocaine himself. Hypocrite!)

    Anyway — just wanted to say — i WISH i could bowl, but it just kills my wrist too much. It’s hard enough to get through a day of normal typing. I’m mousing left-handed this week…

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