Grr. Windows. Grr.

My windows laptop has developed the interesting personality flaw of (wow, they added some nice features to LJ) not letting me log in as myself. All other logins (i.e. administrator, owner, kayti) work fine. I’ve been told to back up my home directory (C:\Documents and Settings\Sheer) and blow away the directory, then recreate the user profile and restore the directory. Hopefully this will work.                          

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  1. l2g Says:

    This has happened to me a couple of times. I think how I ended up fixing it both times was by logging in as Administrator and going through one of the “administrative tools” to edit user accounts. Therein I discovered that the account I couldn’t log into had a “disabled” flag that had mysteriously set itself. So it was just a matter of clearing the “disabled” flag. (Paraphrasing all this from memory.)

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