gentlemen, start your attack ads..

I’ve started seeing anti-democrat attack ads via bannter on the net already.


I’ve covered my left eye in the hopes of getting some capacity back online on my right one. My parents used to make me do this when I was six, but I don’t think I’ve done it since then.

My work is going about as well as could be expected. Everything takes at least twice as long as I think it will, but I can certainly live with that. It’s a lot better than a hundred times as long.

My eyes are in general killing me. I’m stuck between two conflicting desires: 1) to have my eyes stop hurting and 2) to transition back to a normal day schedule. Today I woke up at 6p.

Definately not a normal schedule.

There’s nothing exciting to report in my life. At all. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I did somethin genuinely fun. Must do something about this, just not sure what. Actually, I take that back. I can remember one genuinely fun thing, but it’s not the sort of thing one posts about, even in a journal.

[Well, _some_ people do..]

I miss P.

I think I’m going to go play some video games or something.


2 Responses to “gentlemen, start your attack ads..”

  1. goamaki Says:

    do you think maybe you’re taking on too much?

  2. skotte Says:

    You have a weak eye? My parents used to make me wear an eyepatch to strengthen one of my eyes, too.

    crazzy man. Hasnt bothered much since i was 12, tho.. hope yours gets better

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