As most of you know, I have a long standing hate/hate relationship with TV.

However, because Kayti likes it, and because there’s only one TV station that can be received with a antenna in our neck of the woods, I subscribed to Cox digital cable. (It was $7 more than basic analog, and offered perks such as HDTV programming.. they upsold me nicely)

It also comes with plain old analog cable, so I cabled up Kayti’s TV set to it and mostly forgot it.. the box with the HDTV/digital tuner has just been sitting in the living room with five million other boxes.

Until tonight – when circumstances made it desirable to be able to record cable while away. I unpacked the HDTV tuner and cabled it up to my PC via a USB HDTV tuner widget, and turned it on.. and..

Holy COW that’s a lot of channels.

I spotted about six movies I might like to watch in the first page of the program guide. Even the public access channel was running something interesting.. footage of a blues concert at Fashon Island..

My hatred of TV kind of got kicked in the teeth. Granted, there are still all those annoying commercials – but, in the age of the DVR, no one needs to actually *watch* those.. (why do you *think* I hooked it up to my computer? ;-))

Now if only I could figure out what channel MTV is on..

5 Responses to “Gaah..”

  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    I dvr everything I want to watch and fast forward commercials. Scott actually has to ask me to go back if there’s one he wants to see. 🙂

    I highly recommend this way of watching tv that interests you.

  2. anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure what you expect to find on MTV but if it’s music videos, forget it.

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    Well, yes, as it happens, that is what I was looking for. But, yes, I noticed that they are basically not what they once were.

    So if I did want to tune into rock / techno / pop videos, where would I go?

  4. anonymous Says:

    MuchMusic, if you have it. MTV2, maybe? There are also a lot of music videos on YouTube. And of course, VH1.

  5. jcurious Says:

    VH1 Classics

    or you could just hang out here:

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