Fscking cool..

As most of you know, I was in a band, Mischief Committe, that did live jam electronica. As such, I tried many, many beatboxes, drum machines, samplers, etc. I bought much gear on ebay. As it happens, I bought one peice of gear right before my spending days came to a end because of my plunge into debt that I never got around to checking out.

I found it the other day while I was digging through stuff to find the stand for my favorite digital mixer – it’s a XL-7 by E-mu.

In theory, it should be just another sound module / sequencer combo. Except that it has the following features that put it heads-and-shoulders above any other I’ve ever used

1) Can save a pattern while in playback
2) 16 track recorder, any of the 16 tracks can be assigned to *any internal or external* source, and it has *TWO* MIDI outputs
3) Can toggle between recording and playback on the fly
4) Can toggle between quantizing input and not quantizing input on the fly
5) Can load it up with E-Mu option ROMS – I had several that needed homes, and so now I have the XL-1, QROM, and Planet Earth sampleset internal

Now it is true that it, like my Access Virus, takes up far more than it’s share of rack space – just like the virus, it’s like 10U. But, I think it’s worth it. I had to remove my Halcyon voice processer, but my singing is truly crappy anyway and it’s definately more in the cagagory of a fun toy than something I would ever use at a show.

That said, I’m wondering if any of you are interested in a WSHR broadcast – just like the old school ones, only missing Tory and Alex – you’d have to deal with my rather warped notions about rhythm, but if I can find 3 interested listeners, I will schedule a date and do one.. IDM/trance

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  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    I’m sure I’d give it a listen! 🙂

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