Friends and Songs

This is a list of songs and bands that I have been introduced to by my friends. It’s by no means complete, and I have no particular reason for writing it other than I’m waiting for a really huge file to download. To qualify for the list, you have to have introduced me to something that I still listen to at least once a year

Kayti: Sisters of Mercy “Temple Of Love”, Big Audio Dynamite “Medicine Show”, Tom Smith, Whimsical Tricycle, Beach Boys, Was (Not Was)

J.L. AKA curious: Bela Legousi’s dead, the cranberries, 4 non blondes, Redemption Song (Moodswings), C.W. McCall ‘Convoy’, Type O Negative, Mathew Sweet , Jesus Jones, Harry CHapin, Muppet Movie Soundtrack, Information Society

Nicka: Yes, Styx, Talking Heads, Manhattan Transfer, Tears for Fears, Emmit Swimming, the divine comedy “gin soaked boy”, Violent Femmes

R.F.Burns: Phil Collins as a solo artist, a whole lot of 80s songs I’d have never heard, and introducing me how to play mp3s on windows

Vinnie: Metallica

John Goings: Boston

Chris M: VNV Nation

Hector: Pink Floyd

Nina: The Cure, Tori Amos ? (might have been JL)

Amy (who almost certainly doesn’t read this :-): Janet Jackson, Extreme, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Depeche Mode

Tavian: Eagles, the Doors,

Loha: The Police

Manticore (who probably still hates me): NIN, Steve Taylor

Carolyn/Vicky/Jay (I don’t remember which one): Poison [Yes, I still love them. Yes, I’m duly embarrassed]

Vicky/Coughdrop: Too much joy

Alexa Madrivious: Phantom of the opera (well, I’d heard it before, but I’d never really *heard* it)

Joan & Lucas: Anthem trance, techno **

My dad: Mozart, Switched on Bach

Lara: Psytrance

Gayle: Abba

Shawn: Steely dan, Aphex Twin

Tory: Faithless

Jen: Bare Naked Ladies

Madrory: Coldplay

Esen: Oceanlab

Deadman: Oingo Boingo

Chief/Ryan: Weem

Kamran: Sound tracker mods!

Okay, that’s probably enough for now.  I notice the number of new bands I’m picking up has dropped dramatically recently.. I guess I’m getting old and set in my ways ;-(

3 Responses to “Friends and Songs”

  1. curious Says:

    Actually, I remember we picked out the Information Society CD together to try out, I can’t remember what the other option was. Shrugs, check out coverville podcast. if you listen to it in itunes you can skip between chapters (songs/commercials) easily

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    “I notice the number of new bands I’m picking up has dropped dramatically recently.. I guess I’m getting old and set in my ways ;-(” – not so much any more 😉 – roller skating, bowling, opening acts at concerts..

  3. Swipes Says:

    I’m glad I’m on the list, but there are many other, somewhat more musically challenging bands I hope I’ve introduced you to since. It’s so hard to know all you’ve introduced me to over the years because it can happen so subtly. Off hand, I can name emmet swimming for sure.

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