For those of you keeping track..

this weekend, I will be at the following events:

1) The Art Theives will be playing at Wayne’s World this Friday. I will be providing their sound, as well as doing a multitrack recording of them. They do 70s and 80s covers and originals themed appropriately. Sadly, I will be doing their sound sans the 1232s as they are on their way to MassiveBurn (details).

2) Mischief Committee will be playing a two hour set starting at midnight at Massive Burn. (See above). I will be getting a two-track recording of this event – possibly even a eight-track recording if I get adventurous and figure out how to turn a patch bay into a two way quarter-inch splitter. (I know it’s theoretically possible. I’ve got no bleedin’ idea how to do it, and not a lot of time to figure it out. Also, I’ve got no clue where to get ADAT tapes (aka SVHS tapes) in Seattle. Anyone with any guesses is welcome to post them. Guitar Center *laughed* at the idea.

3) I’ve placed a number of new Mischief Committee recordings up in the archives. Probably the most noteworthy one is: It’s long, and a lot of it isn’t that good, but it does have some tasty moments. Some of you will also be interested in, which although it isn’t of quite the same quality, features our good friend Madrory on the guitar.

Additional comment about #2: Actually, guitar center sucks in several particulars now:

a) They aren’t letting their employees spend enough time with the gear – the concept of slaving a delay line to a midi beat clock took me almost ten minutes to explain, with *hand gestures* in spots

b) They don’t have any cheap XLR cables. They don’t have any long XLR cables. In general, the music store that is walking distance from my house has better prices and selection on XLR cables than guitar center.

c) The place is a !ZOO!.

Still, they’re nowhere near as bad as musician’s friend. Nonetheless, when I don’t need something that they don’t stock, I’m still going to buy at Petosa. Well, until I move. Then I’ll find a Petosa clone and shop there instead.

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