It’s a difficult time to be alive.

Never mind the challenge of figuring out what God might want, the real challenge is figuring out how to overcome the results of running out of oil (and they aren’t pretty.. all our food gets here because it moves on semis which are fueled by hydrocarbons.. and we’re quickly running out) and the repeated willingness of our leaders to blow things up.

Nuclear weapons are terrifying. Resource depletion is terrifying. Pollution is a touch disturbing. Excessive numbers of humans are leading to truly scary situations.

I suppose the Christians must be thrilled.. it seems entirely plausable that we are living in the end times, that civilization will collapse, or worse..

I beg of humanity to try to grow up as a species. How many times have we reached this level of technical sophistication and collapsed? The answers are in front of us – solar energy, diplomacy, battery electric vehicles, a willingness to do something smarter than starting wars over resources..

I know. I’m a broken record.

A broken record who is suffering from a bit of depression at the moment, too.

At least I’m doing some EV things again..

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  1. anonymous Says:

    ..load management. All of those gas or oil fired electric power plants are there for peak load. Load management reduces peak load. I had a load management switch installed on my air conditioner. The reasons for the power company offering them are more economic than environmental: If they reduce peak load, they reduce their costs, which, being an electric cooperative, they pass those savings along to the customer. They installed the switch for free and if the air conditioner craps out they’ll send someone to diagnose the problem for free (and fix it for free if it’s a minor problem like a loose wire).

    Hmm…I wonder if they’ll offer load management switches for EV chargers…

  2. kayti23 Says:

    Yes. At least you’re doing some EV things again. I honestly think it will help.

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