Extremely odd happenings..

A very drunk guy just wandered into our house.. without knocking, or any of the usual nicities. I wasn’t wearing anything, as I generally am not when I’m programming, and Kayti was just wearing underwear. Frantic dashes for clothing ensued, followed by a very interesting and mostly incoherent conversation in which the guy first indicated his desire to crash here. [After the Johnnie Beck incident, I’m loathe to let drunk people crash at my home, because they do things like smoking inside (which annoys the landlord), repeatedly coming back whenever they want, and otherwise behaving in undesirable ways.] I told him repeatedly that this wasn’t a option, offered to call him a cab, give him bus fare, etc. Then he asked where he was, and I explained his current location to him. Then he told me that because he had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart, he could visit anywhere. (This wasn’t in the deal I was presented, maybe I should have held out for better terms?). Then he used our bathroom and left.

I’m betting that tomorrow he won’t remember a bit of it.

The only part that I”m annoyed about is his lack of knocking. I generally don’t lock the door – although I will tonight, just in case he returns – as generally I think of me being able to get out as more important than other people not being able to get in. This is because so far as I can tell, there aren’t many scary people trying to obtain entry to my house. Even this guy wasn’t that scary.. just annoying. He decidedly wouldn’t take the hint that it was desired that he leave – and I’m still vaugely worried that he’ll do something stupid. But hopefully not. I’m guessing passing out is going to be his next move.

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  1. kayti23 Says:


  2. michelle_cosman Says:

    Once I was asleep on the sofa wearing next to nothing. I heard the door crack open and woke up just in time to see an entire Indian family coming into the apartment. I sat there and blinked at them trying to figure out what they could possibly be doing coming in and they blinked at me (the mother clapping her hands over her sons eyes). After some confusion and hand gestering (i don’t think any of them had any english and i don’t speak any indian language) we figured out they wanted the apartment across the way.

    Since then I keep the door locked. You never know who might come wandering on in at the most inconveniant time. Actual real visitors to my apartment find this annoying since i’m likely to lock them out if we both leave the apartment for some reason (ie to walk the dogs) and i come back inside before they do. Whenever i shut the door i lock it…it’s a complete habit now.

  3. cori_chronicles Says:

    Oh my goodness!!!

    I so admire your good nature about wanting to help people and always thinking the best of people… but I have to say, locking the door might not be a bad idea. I was particularly worried about that other guy before (I think that was Johnnie Beck?) and I’d prefer you and Kayti to remain in one whole piece than have something bad happen if one bad person chose to waltz in…

    It’s a rather funny idea that accepting Jesus means a free pass to anywhere. Sign me up! (And yes, why didn’t you hold you for such a thing!!! *giggle*)

    On the other hand, now you have a funny story to remember and dote upon in the future. These are the moments we remember most of all, I think. *grin*

    Note to self, if ever visiting Sheer, knock first!

  4. cori_chronicles Says:

    lol, what a funny story…

  5. sati Says:

    We had a very similar thing happen at my family’s house when I was in junior high-ish. Guy walked into our house from one of the nearby bars. Makes me wonder how they know which houses are unlocked.

  6. kayti23 Says:

    I don’t think they do know. I’ve had people try my locked door, and if I noticed it then, it seems likely it happens more often.

  7. cori_chronicles Says:


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