expensive lesson

So, I financed some of the upgrades to the house on aa 1 year same as cash plan, assuming that interest would accrue only on the unpaid balance after one year. Judging by the 6750 in interest I just got hit with, i would say that in fact interest has been accruing the whole time and possibly on the original purchase amount.

I really, really want out of this system. I understand that I can not win. I do not want to play any more, I am requesting a exit.

2 Responses to “expensive lesson”

  1. Steve Seman Says:

    Always best to read a contract before you sign it. I understand your disdain for money, but apparently you need it until the world changes to your point of view. As usual, banks and money lenders are one of, if not, the biggest form of enslavement there is. As far as getting out of the system, do what I am doing. Buy a piece of land, build an off-grid home, and leave the system behind. The problem is that you have to play the game long enough to get off the ferris wheel. Sorry you got screwed… 🙁

  2. Alderin Says:

    BestBuy hit me with that one four years ago. While I HAD paid in to the card enough to cover the same-as-cash purchase, I hadn’t read that payments apply to the Most Recent Purchases first. Suddenly the $900 laptop became a $1500 laptop. Sorry your lesson on “same as cash” was so much more expensive.

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