EV progress

Today I connected back up the front battery pack and started the inverter – the MC closed with a satisfying ‘clunk’. After some debugging, I managed to get the drive to select forward – which really is forward now, so apparently my swap of the motor leads worked as advertised. The motor spun up, and when I selected a forward gear the front tires spun. (They’re off the ground since the car is on jackstands, so it seemed a bad idea to spin them up too much). There’s a lot of dragging noise from the front brake pads which one would expect since the car has been sitting for over a year.

Tomorrow I need to buy some distilled water and put it in the cooling loop, and reconnect the vacuum pump and cooling pump, and charge the traction pack. Unfortunately my house doesn’t have 220 in the garage, so it will be a somewhat time consuming charging process.

I’m all kinds of encouraged by progress. I’m not quite ready to put the hood back on, but I am ready to call Geico and add the car to my insurance.

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    I’m still trying to find the oscillation overthruster… If we can get it before the Lectroids from Planet 10 – 8th dimension here we come!

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