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Oh, dear, now I’m using my livejournal as a scratchpad. Ah well..

Echo Layla, $350 minimum bid, $20 S/H

8 1/4″ balanced TRS inputs, 8 1/4″ balanced TRS outputs – turn your computer into a audio octopus!
In my 2+ years of HDD recording, this is the only part of my PC that didn’t ever screw up. The Laylas are rock solid 24 bit 96 khz A/D – works great with Sonar, Pro Tools, or any other audio software – you can even run four copies of WinAmp aimed at the four different outputs. In addition, if you happen to have a ADAT or any other Alesis gear that uses the ADAT ports lying around, you can in fact do 8 channels of ADAT and 8 channels of analog at the same time. I’ve done it – on a P-II – and it works just fine. (better on a P-III of course)

As a bonus, Echo even threw in a MIDI interface. This is a great way to start a real project studio. Upgrade from that Creative Labs monstrosity to something with enough channels that you can record a whole drum kit at once!

You can easily use more than one Layla at once just by connecting a word clock cable between them.

These units are prime – only minor wear and tear from being racked once. They’ve been reliable little performers for me – and I’m sure they will be for you as well. I hate to sell them – but I got utterly sick of the PC that they went in after it ate several weeks worth of recording work (Windows 2000 issues, nothing to do with the audio interface), and I chose to replace it with a laptop. But, if you have a desktop – Mac or PC – here’s your audio interface.

You get the interface box, the PCI card, a 15′ hookup cable, a power cord, and a CD of the latest drivers.

Read more about the Layla at www.echoaudio.com.

Roland SC-880 – Minimum bid $200, $30 S/H (because it’s huge and heavy)

Do you want that famous Roland drum sound, but don’t want to pay through the nose? Here’s a sound module for you! 64-voice polyphany, a wide variety of samples, onboard effects, and some really kickin’ drum kits! Balanced 1/4″ TRS sends and built in mac MIDI interface – and, it won’t take up another stereo pair on your mixer because it has a line in with a trim pot for cascading with another sound module. Manual and power cable incl.

Midiman Midisport 8×8 – Minimum bid $150, $10 S/H

There’s really not too much to say about this. If you need a 8×8 MIDI interface, this is a pretty good one. I’m trading up to something that also does word clock – but this unit has been a good little performer for me, and I’m sure it’ll do just great in your project studio as well. It even supports SMPTE striping, in case you need to sync with a outboard analog tape deck or movie reels. You can read more about it at www.midiman.com And it’s neon green.. Updated driver disk included for Win95/98/2k

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