You ever have that experience where you can’t remember what you dreamed but you know it was disturbing?

My dreams keep getting odder and odder. Last night’s involved my family, a library which was also a thrift shop, a shortwave radio that had a faceplate that bragged it was ‘Made In Arkansas’ [ri-ight.. Arkansas, china?] – old tube style radio, but looked new and had a date of 2001.. and it had me flying [and crash-landing when I realized that I couldn’t fly..]

And the whole thing to the kind of sardonic-happy music you might find in a fair.. well, okay, so it varied a lot..

And my family etc left me there all night.

means nothing, one can always hope.

The mk3 boards have a fatal flaw which will neccesitate another turn – I wasn’t paying enough attention to the isolation/ground plane. Ah, well, inattention will get you every time. I think I’ll wait until my bank account recovers a little before doing the second turn – it’ll give me time to write the software.

I’m sooo sick of evparts’s web site. But we’re supposed to be bringing it live today, which will hopefully reduce the work load on it a little bit. I mean, these are turning into the clients from hell [and after I gave them a drasticly lower price than I usually give, too]. They give me data in different formats every time, they feel the need to take advantage of the new web site to resort and renumber everything, and they keep bugging me about the look&feel, which I told them I don’t do but i feel obliged to do anyway.

Hopefully they’ll pay me to do some stuff I actually _want_ to do soon. Don’t hold your breath.

In the meantime…

I don’t know. I shouldn’t write journal entries just after getting up – I’m not exactly in the best of moods when I wake up anyway.

Going to see big spoon this afternoon, that’ll be good at least.

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