Dramates Personale

It occurs to me that there may be some people reading this journal somewhere someday who don’t know the dramatas personale. So let me name a few of the major players.

P. is my significant other. I’ll spare you the glowing words, but she’s close enough to perfect that it seems pretty inevitable that I will spend my life with her unless she chooses otherwise.

M. is my closest female friend. She’s a lot like me
C. is one of my closer male friends and a long time coworker [at not one, but two jobs – and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat. his value isn’t always immediately obvious, though]
V. is my ex-significant other, now male.
N. is my ex-child with V., now adopted and living with MY. I’ve had just about nothing to do with his life, though I try to keep in touch with his parents.
DB. is MY.’s ex-SO
NI. & JL. are my oldest friends, and, after P., probebly the people who know me best.

EV personalities and coworkers are considered to be ‘public’ and will be named as such [I.e. Lee Hart, Bruce Sherry, Roy LeMur, Rich Rudman etc] since the majority of my dialogue with them is on projects which are for public consumption.

My parents I will generally refer to as my father and my mother, P.’s father I will refer to as J.

That’s pretty much all the very-active links in my social network.

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  1. Swipes Says:

    I’m at a loss at this date to place who M is at all. I have a guess at C. but not 100% sure there.

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