Sometimes I think I should break my journal up into three or four little journellets, so that people could just subscribe to the ones that were aligned with the topics they were interested in.

Topics my journal breaks down into neatly:

1) Religion/metaphysics
2) Weird devices I am building/studying
3) Computer science related thoughts
4) “my life” stuff..
5) Music

Maybe there’s a easy way to do this sort of thing through the LJ interface? Hmmm.. might be that new field at the bottom marked tags?

2 Responses to “Certainly”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Just skip the LJ except maybe for updates & notices linking back to your main site. Then for your main site hook up a nice CMS. It’s a good way to overall organize things and keep more info you may need on the road when you least expect it in one public place to share.

    It’s probably a bad thing but I did this to an extreme because I found one CMS that gets me all hot & horny in the NERDIEST way possible. So… Eh. Because of my COMPLETE lack of real design/layout/creative ability I’ve got this crapload of sites that compared side by side look remarkably similar. The good news though, is that with all these sites controled by a fast and powerful interface I can keep them all more updated and useful, less likely to atrophe into nothing and disappear.

    There’s http://spamthwart.com/ – my new project of 2007. (oh god, yes I crammed in some google ads, I KNOW! I’m sorry!)

    Who’d have guessed it’s also used on – http://ebm-radio.com/ 😛

    I uploaded a really crazy, free theme for http://chrismish.com/ – in a cranky fit of rage after the old version of phpBB I let someone put on up http://fuckityfuckfuck.com (loaned out the site basically) got abused and replaced with some islam-extremist-hacker-wannabe message of hate & violence I got all pissy and put up a quicky “up yer nose with a rubber hose” come-back site using that system… The list literally goes on for pages.

    Though they’re all similar that’s only because I’m really busy and extremely lazy and that’s a horrible combination. Annyyywayyy… there’s plenty of options out there, the one I like is php-fusion.

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    are there RSS feeds for wordpress tags? you could change your opening page to be links to your biggest tags. i’ve thought about doing that.

    what i really want is something like what the Bittorrent trackers have — a matrix of categories (tags), and you check the ones you are interested in, uncheck the ones you aren’t, and voila! Except there’d be an RSS feed too.

    How about writing something that sucks up peoples’ blogs, looks at the tags, and creates custom rss feeds? hehehehehe

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