Okay, so I’m noticably stiff today, which I don’t understand (I’m assuming it’s just from hauling gear around), but MC has managed our first truly mobile adventure, in the Aurifice coffee house in scenic capitol hill.

We, of course, forgot a couple of cables, hopefully that won’t happen again 😉 But otherweise all went very smoothly (other than some evil drunk guy menacing the DJ who was on before us – or at least threatening to expose himself, I’m not really clear on what happened other than that it sucked)

I’m looking forward to our next gig, just as soon as we have one. I emailed Kindabuffer and asked if there was any chance of us playing at Presence – I’m guessing no, but then again, if they’re just spinning mix CDs over there *why not*? 😉

We did a pure jam session, no planning, no net, and – amazingly – no problems. The only frustrating/annoying thing was that Alex, who originally wasn’t going to be part of the event, decided at the last minute he wanted to be, and there was mad scrambling for cables/stands/etc – in the end, Alex ended up sitting on the couch in front of the stage playing his groovebox. But it all *sounded* good, and from where he was sitting he could even fire off the occasional sample, so I guess all’s well that ends well and soforth.

On the Mr. Fusion project, we’re investigating the possibility of a ‘atomic laser’ i.e. a coherent ion gun. Need to do muchos more research on this subject but it looks like a promising method for synchronizing all the ions in a fusor. [The odds of fusion go up dramatically if all the ions are equadistant from the grids when you turn on the juice]. It’s been good hanging out and talking physics with Deadman, who’s visiting from CA. I think I may have to drag more of my friends out here..

Sadly, one of my friends and musicians i worked with a lot has (apparently) been forbidden by her SO to ever see anyone she met online ever again. Hopefully things will cool off a little there and she’ll be allowed to return to Sheer Sound for some more projects.. I’ve been working on what ought to be a wicked cover of ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ in the hopes of using her vocal talents.. we’ll see how all that works out.

ANd the beat goes on..

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  1. sati Says:

    Why was your friend forbidden to see anyone she had met online? You always leave out the most intriguing details. 🙂

    I’m glad your gig went well. You’re turning into a rockstar. 🙂

  2. don_diego Says:

    Mischief managed, and quite well, I might add. I was somewhat flattered when Nick, the counterman at the Aurifice, thought I was a member of the band – apparently bands of MC’s stature aren’t supposed to have roadies, even on a volunteer basis. 😉

    On your final point, though, I’m gravely concerned… largely because I was the last online person to interact with her IRL. I’m glad I finally got to meet her, though not at the price of the domestic trauma it seems to have provoked. If you’re reading, er, please contact one of us, if nothing else just to let us know you’re alive and well.


  3. brassratgirl Says:

    And Yea, though I walk through the valley of IRC, I will fear no drama: for issues will be worked out in due time, and lo, one can always unplug.

    Being on the outside end of your S.O.’s online drama is a bitch.

    Although hopefully he’s not keeping her in the basement or anything. “Forbidding” seems like a severe reaction.

  4. brassratgirl Says:

    I’m glad your show went well!!!

  5. anghouedd Says:

    Forbidding is an interesting word to use. It gives a sense of someone having power over someone else. And that’s not what any relationship should be about.

  6. don_diego Says:

    Thanks for calling, erlita. Take care of yourself, and remember you have friends – and we’ve got your back if you need us.


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