Barlow lyrics, Walk Away

Christine’s depression never seems to end

Cause she’ll never be as skinny as the girls on friends

She’s got fat lips and thin lips, she’s jealous of a Q-tip

She’d take stupid over fat

She stuck her fingers down her throat for the very last time today

And she walked away..

Malcolm’s got his image, his rock and his glock

and if he lives to be 20 he will have beat the clock

he’s got his ride and his pride and girls by his side

He makes stands with his gun in his hand

He saw his best friend lying on a stainless steel tray

and he walked away..

and the destination’s clear

anywhere but here


Doesn’t  matter that you’re lying in the gutter

Doesn’t matter that your brain’s all cluttered

Doesn’t matter that you’re covered in scars

You’re never in the gutter with your eyes on the stars

So walk away from the boyfriend bruises

and the shame of the game that your brain knows you’re losing

and that job that you do it just robs you of who you can be when you’re free from this mentality

So you’re home by the phone getting stoned all alone with your chat room friends, your Korn and Ramones

but the phone don’t ring and Joey just sings ‘Sedated’ – you got to learn to hate it!

(repeat chorus)

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  1. sheer_panic Says:

    The lyrics can’t do it justice.. go download it 😉 Barlow is good stuff..

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