At the moment

At the moment, if I could get my hands on bill gates, I might very well strangle him.

Nowhere on the microsoft site is there any information about what you need to do to perform a system disk upgrade for windows 2000.

Nor do any of the ‘standard’ tricks work. Running setup is just a quick way to lose all your data [which they boast about gleefully in the setup messages]. Ghost? Forget that..

It appears that microsoft is so concerned about software piracy that they have blocked legitimate functionality in a futile [beleive me, it is] attempt to stop it.

All I want to do is upgrade from SCSI to IDE. [Yes, in this day and age, that’s a upgrade]

But microsoft says ‘no’. 😉

I keep asking myself, why not give up on microsoft? They’ve proven they’re hopeless, let them go.. install linux and enjoy a stable operating system that I can make do what I want..

Then I remember all the nifty games, visualizations for winamp, and other sundries that I would no longer have access to, and I return to fighting m$.

But oh, how I hate them..


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  1. jcurious Says:

    Just out of curiousity which games (feel free to look here,here,and here… as for winamp plugins have you looked at xmms lately? what other sundries do you need?

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