As a side note..

I apologize for my lack of journal entries. I’ll try and be better in the future. 😉

I also apologize for the lack of quality in my last journal entry. Here’s my list of excuses:

1) I’m sick
2) I haven’t written a journal entry for so long I’ve forgotten how
3) I’m very upset by current world events
4) I’ve lost all my brain cells
5) I suck


2 Responses to “As a side note..”

  1. sati Says:

    We get blessed with two entries, lucky us. 🙂 You don’t have to apologize for lack of quality, I never do. 🙂

  2. jcurious Says:

    btw never apoligize for a journal entry.. it’s a journal.. it’s what you felt like writting at the time.. sherugs..

    > 5) I suck

    ahh but do you swallow 🙂

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