These poeple have somehow found a way to hijack my browser. Adware scanners can’t find it. Virus scanners can’t find it. It isn’t obviously in any of my internet settings. But yet, about every third google link I try takes me to their lame excuse for a sex-promoting web site.

I’m starting to get somewhere between annoyed and about-to-go-agro about this. IT persists beyond a reboot. Does anyone out ther ein Sheer’s-journal-land have any idea how this particular bit of evil was perpitrated?

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  1. jcurious Says:

    btw are you running the latest spybot?!?

  2. dspisak Says:

    I do and this did jack shit to my system.

  3. anonymous Says:

  4. anonymous Says:

    None of these work: adaware, spybot, spysweeper, cws shredder, hijackthis – I have tried them all, including their newest updates. Only temporarily fixes it. On reboot there are s/cuts on desktop to Umaxsearch and Porn Google and a lot of porn links added to My Favourites and my OWN favourites deleted. Done registry search and cleared anything that remotely looked like a hijacker. NO SUCCESS!! I have been searching the net for over a month now for solutions, but have found NONE.

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