So, I agreed to work in December for one of the software start-ups that I do work for for stock. I knew that the stock probably wouldn’t ever be worth anything, but I didn’t want the project to come to a screetching halt because one of the backers was feeling a little short.

The problem is, now I’m being approached to work for stock in January, and I don’t want to.  I was hoping that in December I’d be working on the user interface, but instead I got hung up and ended up spending twice as many hours as I’d intended working on little details of the back-end. I’ve got a bunch of software development for my car that I think would be more rewarding than continuing to debug and refine the back-end, and if I’m not going to get paid, I’d rather be doing work that I enjoy.

The *real* problem is, I’m horrible at saying no. And so, tomorrow I’m supposed to discuss this situation with my boss, and he’s already talking about not paying me, and I feel like I’m likely to fold like a cheap suit if he pressures me on it, and I’m really unhappy about it.

To add to my unhappiness, apparently my first Jan invoice didn’t get processed and so my paycheck is going to be almost two weeks late. Granted, it will also contain my second invoice and therefore that part of the money will be a few weeks early, but now I have to decide if I should approach my landlady and explain about the SNAFU, or if I should raid my stocks, or borrow money from Kayti, or what.

Yet again money manages to make me utterly miserable…

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  1. curious Says:

    You could opt for a salary job at a big company and just deal with HR when there is a snafu… you may not enjoy the job as much but at least the money issue will become predictable..

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