ANd the word of the day is asshat.

No, I’m not feeling particularly cynical. I don’t know why I chose that as the word of the day, other than I like the sound of it.

Spalding Grey is apparently dead. I will go rent Swimming in memorium, I think.

The first time I saw anything by him, was with my friend Nicka in the basement of my parents’ house. Swimming to cambodia.. great monologue..


P.’s grandfather.. the one who used to fly P-38s – might have cancer. ;-( And one of the EVDL people has terminal lukemia. People are dropping like flies.

No mail yet today, so I don’t know if I got a check from How or not. Need. money. badly. It’s been months snce H. payed me. I mean literally.

In all fairness, it’s been months since d. paid him. They’ve got a new CTO, and apparently the resulting upheaval is doing bad things to them getting checks out the door on time


well, i’m going to get to sleep now.. I’m slowly moving back toawrds a day schedule.. it will be dark out when I awaken. Very surrealistic.

What’s weirdest is when I get on the schedule where it’s dark all the time I’m awake.

I think that might lead to depression


I was going to do a ‘5-year-retrospective-thoughts-on-weed’ little article, but I lack the energy. Perhaps tomorrow. 😉

Procrastination is something I’m way, way too good at. I really need to stop.

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  1. lucienne Says:

    I’m rereading all the books, starting with Sex and Death…. My editions are old and well-loved and of course his bio describes him as alive and as an artist-in-residence at the Mark Taper Forum, and it makes me happy to think of him there. He’s young-ish in the pictures, although his eyes were always so sad. (His eyes look like Michael Stipes’ voice.)

    I was going to do a ‘5-year-retrospective-thoughts-on-weed’ little article, but I lack the energy. Perhaps tomorrow. 😉

    I’d be curious to read that. Having stopped smoking (both green and gray stuff) recently, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

  2. skotte Says:

    What’s weirdest is when I get on the schedule where it’s dark all the time I’m awake.

    I **LOVE** that fFeeling. it’s so fFreakin weird! why is that? i have gone fFor a fFew months never seeing the sun. It’s such an awesome fFeeling. especially if it’s rainy. I fFeel so beautiful at those times.

    sing : fFor three strange days …..

    Ever seen the movie The Others? Cori and were terribly sick once and woke up at some hour when nothing was alive, and that was on tv. it’s probably only a so-so movie .. but given the atmosphere of living nocturnally and being sick out of minds .. it seemed like such a perfect fFilm.

  3. panzer73 Says:

    I wish I could talk to P’s grandfather….Lightning pilot??? *swoon* I just hope his illness isn’t terminal. Please tell her he’s in my thoughts. My grandfather passed away from cancer last year, so I can sympathize with her famly’s worries.

  4. sheer_panic Says:

    Yah, he’s a great guy.. I’ve spent a few hours talking to him, and he still strikes me as ubercool..

  5. panzer73 Says:

    Wow the stories he could tell….man oh man.

    My grandfather was called up for the draft but he was exempted. They considered his job essential to the homefront.

    He was a milkman. 🙂 And of course back in those days delivering milk meant heaving those huge heavy milk crates and stuff like that.

    And the even cooler thing is that, during the war, he saved an elderly lady from a gas leak in her home.

    My grandfather also worked out with Bob Hoffman, too and all the famous Muscletown body builders. *GRIN* Oh I miss my grandfather lots…

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