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So, I think part of what I’m forever confused about, is how anyone could think that I would enjoy sexual assault, that I could ever get what I want and need from it? It just sounds inherently.. well, kind of awful.. to me. Like, awful for both participants, not just for one of them. I may have mental issues but I don’t think I can ever see them pushing me that far into the dark.

So, yes, those of you who are afraid of me, I think you have in fact failed the minimum safety check for mental health. I think you’re a danger to yourself. You’re imagining someone as willing to hurt you in a way that said person is not, and I kind of think that imagination hurts you. And, I mean this really and sincerely, good luck with that. The imaginary monsters under our beds are in a lot of ways the most powerful monsters there are.

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  1. Firesong Says:

    Because that instinctive revulsion isn’t something that everyone has. That’s why some people think that. Also because some people are not very…perceptive. I was going to say bright, but anyone can be emotionally stupid.

    No one who actually *knows* you should ever be afraid of you. The idea is ludicrous. So anyone who does harbor those notions…doesn’t really know you. I’m sorry.

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