Does anyone have any suggestions for tools to aggregate a bunch of RSS pages together to form something like LJ’s friends page, but spanning several different blog sites?

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    Yahoo pipes, surprisingly. I made an aggregate (“managed”) feed of all me & Carolyn’s stuff. It’s better to subscribe to our 8 or so feeds individually, but what %age of people are going to do that? 0.1%?

    with the managed feed, i can give idiots who can’t manage things on their own a single feed. If, later, a new service comes up, and a new RSS feed is associated with my existence, I can login to yahoo pipes, edit my aggregate/managed feed, and insert the new feed in using their “y adapter” thingy that lets you put 2 feeds together. (Remember to date-sort afterwards.)

    so, what you get is ONE rss address that will cover EVERYTHING you do FOR LIFE.

    i just wish it didn’t transform the blurbs — flickr rss comment feeds give you the picture, but it is removed when it goes thru yahoo pipes; grr

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