A important thought from the Matrix

Has anyone ever tried this before? No. That’s why it’ll work!

Nothing new under the sun, my ass. There’s something new under the sun every day. We’ve been given the ultimate in freedom of speech – let’s use it, create with it, enjoy it. Find your voice and use it. ‘They’ can’t stop you, and ‘they’ don’t want to try!

I think the constitution needs a amendment or three, to add to the bill of rights.

For example, your journal, even if public, is not legal grounds for dismissal from a job.

By the way, say bad things all you want about me.. but say them to me, in a polite and respectful way, so I can learn from them. Talking about me behind my back teaches me nothing. And I will endevor to say good things about my friends and neighbors.. (actually, I already do).

Disney thought there.. ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’. But on the other hand, eating bad things hurts.

How a hard a thing it can be sometimes, to forgive. How hard a thing it can be sometimes, to let go.

But we are generation Net. All of us who have made it to the net. And we don’t *have* to let go.. because we can always shoot off a email, and anyone who wants to know what we’re up to can always tune into our journals, web sites, etc. I want my friends to be able to find me.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to a few of my old friends.. and whether they will ever call again.

If you can’t think ‘I love myself and I want to live’, at least think ‘I hate myself and I want to live’..

2 Responses to “A important thought from the Matrix”

  1. anonymous Says:

    This isn’t really an anonymous post, it’s me, Jennifer! and it’s not rely a comment either. I’m just saying Hi!

  2. goamaki Says:

    everything I’ve said about you to other people, I’ve said in person to you, and even then some…hehe. I think I’ve been pretty blunt with you, and at times, maybe even too blunt. But I’m sincere in my words, and who cares what people say about you “behind your back”. It’s human nature to dialogue with people about their friends when they’re not there. Of course, if one really does have a problem with someone, yes, they should say it to the person directly. Especially when it comes to a job…I mean, how do we know we’re doing something wrong, if nobody tells us and gives us a chance? humph.

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