My old van.. (which I am selling, by the way, if anyone wants a $750 Chevy Lumina APV that has a tendancy to eat thousands of dollars out of their bank account.. it has a good stereo, and a interesting collection of bumper stickers) has a sticker which says ‘Deep, considerate, sensitive, and horny’. A friend asked me about it the other day, and I made some noncommental reply.

After considerable thought, I’ve decided that sticker may be the closest I come to truth in advertising.

What’a amazing is that it’s still quite true, five years after I got the sticker. Although I think I’m losing some of my consideriteness, which makes me sad. (is that even a word?)

I mean, lately I tend to growl at my boss whenever he asks for anything extra, I seriously think about the state of my bank account before handing out money to homeless people.. I am becoming, slowly, a asshole. This is not something to be encouraged.. 😉

[In general, snapping at people is not something to be encouraged]

I’d claim that it was people rubbing off on me, but that’s a lame excuse. I alone am responsable for my behavior..

Anyway.. I’m seriously, seriously tired. I was tired when I woke up (at 12:30a) but I couldn’t convince my body to go back to sleep. I’m tired now, and I can’t convince my body to go back to sleep.

I’m about to make a serious attempt to find Seattle’s dump. This should be interesting.. [Why? Well, I have all these boxes of trash in my basement.. no, trust me, this is more than the garbage men are going to take.. yes, really..

I’m again solvent, which is reassuring.

I made the evil activesync plugin work. I”m not so much pleased as suprised.. there are tons of really bizarre, undocumented features in the activesync API which lead me to think someone at microsoft really hated the rest of us.

But you knew that.

What exactly does one search for when one is looking for the location of the nearest dump? I’m sure it must be on line.. everything else in this city is. Hell, they probably have a applet which lets you upload your trash..

There used to be a ad for a couple of kids with a truck who would come pick up your trash for you for a small fee. But I’ve forgotten the number, and I don’t think the ad is still there.

2 Responses to “332”

  1. jcurious Says:

    I think it may be “consideriteness” burn out.. or wearyness… being considerate so much.. and just having it thrown back in your face.. or thrown away…

    shrugs… though when people ask me about why I’m so grumpy and stuff.. I just blame it on the quiting of smoking 🙂

  2. skotte Says:

    garbage cleanup? i think that’s a java thing ..
    uhm .. i could be wrong tho.

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