I think a cat has left a dead mouse as a present for me.

I smelled what I first thought was just methane/leaking sewer/something similar when taking P. home from the Oscars.. [which I’ll get to in a minute ;-)]

Upon returning, I realized that I knew that smell, and it wasn’t methane.. it was developing that fine complex, ripe tinge that only a dead mammel can give.

So I got out the work light and searched around where it smelled the strongest. However, although I did see a cat running off when I first switched on the light, I was unable to find any dead mammels. So whatever it is, it’s small. Probably a mouse.

(Would never have thought a mouse could smell that much, though. You can literally smell it from the front of the house and a goodly ways away. At first I was afraid I would find a homeless person had crept in there and died or something.. okay, very silly thinkg to be afraid of, but you all know me..)


I enjoyed watching the Oscars. This is the closest I come to the superbowl mania that sweeps the nation – I try very hard not to miss the Oscars, and I prefer not to miss the state of the union address.

I remember last year I watched them in L.A. and then went to a club that was off the walk of stars. Now that was strange.. 😉

I’ll write more about my thoughts about it tomorrow.. I’m quite tired now and am going to sleep. 😉

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