First of all, LoLs from Brig has a awesome photoblog. I direct you (and my future self) at http://www.apparentlynothing.com/

That said, let’s move on to more narccisic themes.

One of the first things that blogs and livejournal have taught me is that there are a whole lot of cool people in Netland. I like to think we feed off each other, bouncing ideas and concepts and memes around, and that at some point we will approach some larger solutions to the larger problems that as always face the world. This is probably just my innate optimism getting the better of me, but hey, what are you going to do?

My mom sent me some poll results which she intimated indicated that the american public was not behind a woman’s right to choose, nor gay rights (two things that she is adamently against). I sent her back a nice long well considered email in which I managed to not tell her to grow up even once. 😉 I thought it was one of my better works, so I stuck it in my letters to mom file on my web site. Hey, at least I’m a well documented bastard.

Actually, I don’t think my paternity is in any question at all.

Though you never know. I suspect it will come out in the end that despite the fact that my dad was in the army, my parents were in fact hippies. At least I hope so – I mean, they drove a VW microbus – not one, but two – and my mother has stated she was against Vietnam.

I can always hope. Figuring out my dad is something that I will probably spend the rest of my life doing, largely unsuccessfully. I wonder if he feels the same way about me?

Anyway, writing the email (which wasn’t really a flame, exactly, more sort of a discourse) was very emotionally satisfying. I’m sure I’ll get a annoyed email back from her, but it’ll have been worth it.

Lara came over and made a serious stab at cleaning the Lumina. I haven’t actually gone out to look at what she did, but it took her a while and she looked pretty busy, so I’m guessing it was good work. She’s good at cleaning things as well as a good artist. 😉 which puts her two up on me I guess.

I was going to go out somewhere and party tonight, but instead I slept from 6:30p to about 3a, and then read Spider Robinson until about 4:30. Today I plan on spending with P…

Assorted drama ensued last night, but I’ll save that for a friends-only post, or perhaps more likely for a sheer-only post. 😉

Infrared communications are still giving me headaches. The guy at D. who claimed that this wasn’t rocket science was lying – I’m starting to think D. is deliberately sabotoging my efforts by giving me wrong information, at the very least.

though why they would do that is beyond me.

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