Ah, reminds me of the good old days. You know, I had a friend who will remain nameless who wrote a peice of software that destroyed disk drives on apple-][es, and I don’t think they did anything to him for that. They finally suspended him for putting Virus Creation Labs on the LAN (which I don’t think they should have – I mean, it’s a good objective way to learn assembly programming, it’s about as educational as they come. I admit, you can do some pretty evil things with it, but come to that you can do some pretty evil things with a text editor too)

Anyway, a long standing reaction of the school systems everywhere to anything they don’t understand is to suspend, expell, or otherwise harass the people involved. There’s a long standing tradition of discouraging individual thought in schools, and it looks like it’s still alive and well.

No wonder we suck so much.


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  1. anonymous Says:

    “Students should not be of the opinion that it is acceptable to abuse the privileges that are afforded them by the taxpayers.”

    That’s right, only the school faculty is allowed to be of that opionion.

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