So, I have three major financial goals at the moment. I achieved one of them this year (unless my situation changes drastically, I will be able to pay my taxes in full in April, having already paid half of them via estimated payments) and I promised myself that if I did that I would buy a piece of particularly expensive software I particularly covet (Vienna Strings, which is like Ivory for stringed instruments). I am having second thoughts – partially because of guilt over the fact that not all my friends are doing well, although I am helping out several of them, there’s still more who are struggling – and partially because there is repeatedly a little voice that tells me I should really get over my dream of going pro with my music, since I’ve still got so far to go to be there. I haven’t really decided what to do about it..

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  1. Firesong Says:

    Reward structures are great motivators. They don’t work quite as well when you deny yourself the rewards.

    Be good to yourself. Whether or not you ever make the lucky leap to professional musician, you *are* a musician. Do the thing you’d do if you’d promised it to someone else. You deserve the things you want.

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