Satan [Cmin 124bpm]

There has to be some explanation

For why you rose, or why you fell

For those who claim it isn’t relative

Consider that for a masochist, heaven is hell

And while I look all around me

and see a dark planet torn apart

another might see in perfect beauty

a mighty, tragic work of art

I don’t know why the mighty flee

to chase their childlike misery

I don’t know why the mighty fall

Indeed, I’m not clear on why they rise at all


We tell so many different stories

Perhaps somewhere all of them are true

Every man who ever wrote a religion

Can read about his mistakes in you

Satan, you genius, you recursed yourself

Went to hell in perfect health

God never guessed, never knew

That his second in command was God too

So leaders, beware your followers

Sometimes the sheep the shepherd have led

Every person is a ticking time bomb

There are some things better left unsaid

I find it’s safer to just keep still

And pray to God God never notices his own repair bill


Give me a job with the least responsibility

Give me a task which will never end

Give me chains, but give me the key

Give me the world inside of me


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