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I guess I’m encouraged. If I were going to be a U.S. city, I’d be here. I admit, I sort of wonder how they worked that out from my answers.. but..

I can’t sleep. I’ve slept off and on – I keep waking up with racing heart, and my ears hurt.

So I’m listening to the Aarmin Van Burin track that I listen to from time to time.. (You know, the one that starts out ‘Lets take a walk togeather…)

After which I’ll listen to Transport. Then maybe the thing me & ron did..

which I wish I could be editing right now, so I’d at least be doing something approaching productive with my sleeplessness, but alas my mac is still in the shop. They haven’t even called me to let me know what the prognosis is, which is not encouraging.

Hopefully if there’s nothing they can do for it, they’ll eject the disk and return that to me at least *sobs*. Do macs have removable HDDs? don’t be silly, sheer, all laptops have removable hdds.. it’s just how many other parts you need to remove to get at them.

I really hope this machine doesn’t blow up or anytrhing. It’s been getting steadily more flaky also – first the CD-ROM door broke off, then the battery started refusing to hold a charge, and now the PCMCIA slots won’t work right.

I’m connected to the network via my trusty cell phone, which I have to say is just too cool for words.

If I had the mac, of course, I could just rev up my trusty unofficial hemisync generator (The real hemisync people will probably sue my ass for using their term, but I don’t really care that much. They load all their stuff down with a bunch of psuedomystical spoken word that just gets in the way anyway)

For those of you who find the phenomenon of hemisync (audio entrancement, perhaps might be a way to describe it) interesting, try this:

In Reason, create a Maelstron synth. Set both oscillators to be sine waves. Set the release to the peg on both. Turn the ‘spread’ knob to the peg. Send a note. Twiddle with the ‘fine tune’ on one of the oscs until you like the mental effect you’re getting out of the thing.

Helps to add some white noise. Bonus points if you can find a source of *real* whinte noise (a 2 hour sample of TV static works pretty well ;-)) but if you can’t, there’s also creating another maelstron and setting both oscs to be ‘pink noise’, release to peg, spread up, hit a nose, blah blah.

Anyway, I’m going to go try to sleep some more now. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I just wish my fscking ears would stop hurting..

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