You all are wonderful 😉 I appear to have more than enough work for the next few months.. thank you to one and all, and sorry it didn’t work out to the people who I had to turn down.

(I hate turning people down, because I feel like I’ve lost the opportunity to work for them forever… and I really do want to help people do things, beyond the money aspect)

I think I’m maybe a bit overly afraid that I’ll be unable to find work. Thus far I’ve never had to look very hard to find someone who wanted me to do something for them – I just feel like surely there are a million people who are better, faster, smarter, and more creative than I am – but what I forget is that there are probably billions of things that want to be built – far more things that need fixed or created than people to fix or create them – and that I do genuinely produce – eventually – good products. I’m sure that there’s still much to be learned, but I’m also sure, at least on some level, that I’m not completely worthless.

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