Okay, I apologize for the dark and depressing nature of the last post. I’m in a slightly better mood today, and I admit that my darkest moods are definately over the top.

I’ve been working on cleaning my office.. it’s gone from complete disaster to just difficult to look at, which I guess I feel good about. (Formerly it was impossible to get to my chair, much less to the other side of the room. Now it’s just a mess to the extent that it’s emotionally crushing, but not to the extent that it’s a serious hazard to health.)

I also installed the UPS yesterday, so now even in a power failure I can continue computing. (except that the ethernet hubs aren’t on it – mental note to self, fix that.)

I also got the printer to end all printers the other day. I apologize if I’ve already gone on about this.. this thing weighs 62 lbs, is a color copier, fax machine, color laser printer, and oooh is the output pretty.. it’s nothing compared with some of the toys Scott has to play with, but still..

I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do with it yet, but one thing I am going to do is print posters and stick them up on my walls.

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