1.5 kW…

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I used my PA to carry spoken word to the masses.

Set it up in the middle of a park in the middle of Pioneer Square, and a rally (the seattle radical women something or other ;-)) used it to speak.

It was a really bizarre experience. I mean, this thing sits in my basement, and I use it all the time in the band(s) that I’m in, but I’d never used it for spoken word before.

It covered a crowd of 300 people, pretty adequately.

I don’t think it could do 1000 – towards the back of the crowd things were definately getting kind of quiet – but still. Bizarre.

I actually spoke, for about 30 seconds – having a kilowatt and a half behind your voice tends to give you excessive confidence. P. says that what I said wasn’t even vaugely on topic, but seemed like a lot of people liked it anyway. Or else they thought they better cheer for the guy who busted his butt to get them sound – who knows.

Anyway, setup only took about ten minutes, not bad at all. I plan to continue offering my amplification services to rallies..

In other notes, I added some more music to my new music page. Three more tracks, all written in Thailand except for the beginning of ‘unnamed’. As always, opinions welcome.

And the mk3 project is again surging ahead after a major redesign. The Tango project is basically done, and the hope is to make the two plug-compatable. More as it happens. 😉

Hope all is well out there in sheer’s-friend-land. I’ll try to update this more often.

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