For the ultimate in ‘my speaker is bigger than your speaker’:


Oh, I so want a pair.

21s! I thought my 18s were dope in the low end.. but 21s! Dr-r-o-o-l…

Then again, 90 lbs.. that’s a lot of speaker to hump. Assuming I ever get a chance to hump it anywhere.

But, dammmmn, 21″.. imagine what a pipe organ would sound like on that? Or the bump of a bass drum in a four-on-the-floor beat..

Hmm. Imagine the neighbors lodging a formal protest. Okay, okay, I’ll stick with my 18s.. they do sound nice since I started running the amps on them in bridged mode anyway. But..


21 inches of air-pushing goodness..

I’m tempted to go measure my basement door to see if they’d fit in..

but no. Bad sheer. Get more 18s if you want more bass. No get something so big it takes two people to move it.. you have nooo friends to help you move such a beast anyway..


Okay. Now that I’m over my brief speaker-envy experience..

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  1. dspisak Says:

    Lookup a speaker system called the Grand Kharma Enigma.

    You will shit your pants.

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Way overpriced for the specs.


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