On recent events

So, I’m a vocal critic of Christianity. Pretty much anyone who reads the blog knows that. However, I recently donated to help rebuild some churches in the south that had been burned by miscreants. What gives?

I guess I probably should have mentioned before. I don’t want Christians dead. I don’t want them hurt. I want them to stop hurting other people, but I don’t think the way to get that is to hurt them. I know this is a popular point of view – our army is based on the thesis that the way to get people to behave differently is to shoot at them – but I think in time we will come to see that it’s a small-minded idea – that in fact you start cycles of war and retribution that can take hundreds of years to end.

And, apparently – I wouldn’t have guessed this, but what actions we take tell us these things – if you’re a Christian and they burn down your church, and I have some extra dollars, I will help pay to rebuild it. I don’t think anyone should have their homes or community buildings destroyed because of who they are or what they believe. Especially since a lot of this is based on the unfortunate repeat-rise of the KKK , the proud boys, and groups like them. My hope is we will get beyond all this, because it’s pretty dystopian and I don’t want to live in a dystopia.

But, in the meantime, my thoughts are with all the people who have churches and homes on fire, or exploding, and I hope you all survive the adventure and heal as best you can. And I hope some day we learn not to use violence to settle everything.

3 Responses to “On recent events”

  1. Firesong Says:

    On the face of it, it’s surprising — but I think I would have guessed you’d do this. You’re just a really *nice person*.

  2. bunnerabb Says:

    What people overlook is, even if hey smirk merrily at this whole God(TM) business, is that when somebody is raised with faith – not necessarily organized religion – but faith, it helps them to not be miscreants cause they don’t wanna piss off God. Like it or not, that is a much more useful, kinder and gentler method of societal control than PMITA prison.

  3. indigoisinside Says:

    I’m not surprised at all. This world is showing it’s ugly side more and more, but there are people in it that are not of it. You are a beautiful soul, Sheer, thank goodness this world has you in it. Your love does rub off on others creating more love.

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