The right’s lies continue..

So, as one would expect, the right is busy lying about how it wasn’t them who smashed the capital, it was antifa, or a left false flag operation. Never mind the fact that *everyone* arrested thus far has been a genuine Trump supporter – never mind all the video of the event posted to right-wingers-only-allowed, free-speech-only-if-you-are-Conservative parler.

I suppose it fits in perfectly with the tendency of the right to lie. What’s interesting is increasingly, you can pretty much safely bet that anything the right accuses the left of doing, they themselves have done or are doing. You can almost start to build a play by play of their actions just by looking at their accusations. Which, of course, makes me assume that if there’s *any* truth to Q’s accusations at all – something I highly doubt – the people running the pedo ring are them on the right. Which is kind of what you’d expect – repress natural aspects of yourself (like sexuality) and they’re going to come out in other ways.

I do wonder if I should offer a URL that shows my journal without my political ranting.. I think that it does help me get out some of my anger at the awfulness and egregiousness of the right without (generally) actively getting into fights with anyone, but I also have to imagine anyone who’s interested in the majority of my life has got to be getting sick of the ‘repeatedly beating dead horse’ section.

Then again, I probably only have about 5 readers and 4 of them agree with me, so maybe it doesn’t really matter. I do sometimes wonder if I am able to build up my musical skills to where I gather some more attention what my fans will make of my blog.

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  1. Firesong Says:

    As your primary fan-who-reads-your-blog, I’d like to think that a fair number of your musical fans would have reactions somewhat similar to mine. I did come at it from the other direction — I was a fan of *you* before I knew you played music — but I think the numbers add up the same way. Which is to say … I’d expect some love letters. Which might be good for you. Either way, don’t artificially filter your blog to take out the politics, or the random song lyrics that occasionally show up, or the bits of code, or the philosophical musings. One of the best things about this is that it doesn’t filter you. It’s all here. No, you don’t put down everything you think (although at some points, maybe you came close). But you don’t limit yourself. If it seems like a worthwhile thought or idea to you, you put it on here. Keep doing that. It’s beautiful. It’s *valuable*.

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