New (old) Sheer Track

Here’s another Sheer Jam track – Kayti was feeling sad and asked me to play her some love music, and so I did – I recorded it in case she wanted to have it to listen to later, and she’s graciously allowed me to share it with my 2.5 fans out there. 😉

[Actually, by my download numbers, I apparently have more than 2.5 fans. Some of my tracks get hundreds of downloads a month – but they’re mostly in China. I don’t really understand this]

This is also one of the few tracks I have up recorded with Ivory, which I’m very fond of. I’m looking forward to sometime soon (maybe as soon as the 30th.. *bounce*) having enough spare change to buy a friend’s x86 mac, and finally having enough CPU to run Ivory for 64/128 note polyphony. For my friends who are musicians, if you haven’t played with Ivory, it is the holy grail of software pianos. It is kind of big, though.. it wants 2G of RAM minimum, and it comes on 9 DVDs.

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