New ambient / movie soundtrack jam

So, trying to get my musical act together after my latest CA trip, I recorded a jam just to get back into the swing of things.. if it’s popular enough I’ll do a actual mixdown of it, otherwise, here’s a faders-up rendition:

3 Responses to “New ambient / movie soundtrack jam”

  1. eaglesoars Says:

    I found it enjoyable listening. I enjoyed all the differences within it and its pleasing nature. Sorry I’m not more musical to speak of it in musical terms.

  2. Alderin Says:

    So, how is this for a compliment: how much would you charge for a 30 second intro/outro for the YouTube channel I’m trying to get started? “The Well Rounded Geek Show”
    I’m self-funding, but I do have some money to spread. Drop me a line about it.

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    I’d do it for free if you’d credit me (small text on the corner of the screen during the outro would be fine, or in the ‘below the fold’ text portion for the video). Otherwise, standard hourly rates apply. 😉

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